Ministry of Health

The ministry of health has been a pioneer in the administration of its portfolio in a standardized manner, including its infrastructure, technology, construction of hospitals, and the operation of the system with the suite to be able to manage projects. They also manage and report their indicators (PMG, Formularios H), with the indicator system of the ProactiveOffice suite.

RED UC-Christus

This recognized institute has utilized ProactiveOffice to manage their portfolio with projects in their technological and informational areas, consolidated in this form, the different plans, documents, communication, cost, and control of HH to obtain capacity planning of their resources and their providers.

Clinica las Condes

One of the leading private hospitals in Chile and Latin America, they truusted in ProactiveOffice to manage and control its projects, allowing for the creation and monitoring of their plans and costs of their portfolio.


This emblematic hospital has been managed by the healthcare service metropolitano Sur Oriente, including all of its different programs, and once it was completed and in operation, our suite has porportionaly helped the management and helped start the most complete system of information ever installed in a public institution.


This project has trusted in ProactiveOffice to manage all of their projects, including their initial works, to their equipment, to the system of information that is currently in use.


This new emblematic hospital which is larger than 25,000 meters squared is being managed by the Servicio de Salud metropolitano Sur, including all of the other projects, as well as the early stages of execution, which is clearly a project of high impact to the health in the metropolitana region.