Antofagasta minerals

Antofagasta Minerals S.A. since 2014, (AMSA) has utilized  of our systems of the ProactiveOffice suite. Initially the System of Initiatives for the process of postulation, evaluating and selecting ideas through their program of open innovation, additionally they have managed all of their saving projects using our platform of project management, since the begging of the first year the management has generated large amounts of savings, with which they have been able to offer an excellent service that has expanded their areas of Vice presidence of Project and Vice presidence of Operations thanks to the construction of a mutual and trusting relationship of cooperation.

Health ministery-Chile

Proactive office has served the ministry of health as an institutional platform of the management and control of projects and investments, control of projects in he area TIC, along with the system to administer the “Indicadores de Gestión” (Formulario H, PMG) in the subsector of healthcare networks of the Government of Chile.

Historically, our platform has also been utilized in the division of the financial management as a platform of internal management for the remote coordination of their human team that works with compromises along the whole of the healthcare network of Chile. Additionally, through the Healthcare service, ProactiveOffice has been successful utilized as a central platform for the construction of hospitals such as the Hospital de la Florida, Hospital de Maipú, and a new project for the Hospital Barros Luco.


Since the creation of the project in 2011, ProactiveOffice has in the official platform of project management for the Cluster Program of Providers of a global class for mining, and initiative originating from the two main mining companies of the world, BHP Billiton, and CODELCO, and administrated by the Chilean Foundation. This platform manages the portfolio of innovation projects executed my providers searching to solve mining challenges, as well as all of the projects of World Class Route, which permit the transformation of the company into one of participants of the Providers of a World Class for the mining industry.
Additionally, all of the process of postulation get managed with our system for the management of initiatives.


Since 2011 ProactiveOffice has helped with the functionality of the digital transformation of the management of projects(GPRO)of the division EL TENIENTE, where they manage all the projects of base load, and special projects of the mentioned managers, as well as the direction of the mining area; confronting and surpassing the interesting challenges has consolidated the work portfolio, capturing data from the origin, and calculating reports of 9 columns with correct monetary. Afterwards it has been used in the ADINA divisions initially for the management and control of the API, and afterwards for the consolidation and management of all of the contracts from the GPRO, Making usage of all of the centralization as well as the capturing of data at the point of origin.


Salcobrand has been managing the projects and promoting the digital transformation of their work portfolio in such a way that it is unified and the same throughout their company. Additionally, the management system has dabbled in the management platform of systematized innovation for their process of selection.


Since 2014, Corfo has utilized our platform of initiative management for all of the competitions of the different areas that the operate in (Innovation, Capacity, Technology, Learning, Operations, and other) articulated by their Operation management who in a joined technological effort have permitted us to integrate ourselves with their interconnection to the database of existing data and with this centralized information we were able to optimize it for them. Corfo has also had a marked increase in stress tests of our servers considering that some of their surveys register more than 25,000 concurrent population, simulation thousands of users.


This national mining company already has more than two years managing their project portfolio with the ProactiveOffice platform, for which has been programmed views of their portfolios with specific KPI’s for each kind of project, as well as realizing massive capacities a to their professionals in different parts of the country.


This consolidated international company, leader in the paying of the has had an interesting history since it integrated its projects during 2008 with ProactiveOffice and has since then also been converted into the first Office of Projects certified in the maturity model OPM3 of the Project Management Institute. Additionally, after their acquisition by ADP, ProactiveOffice has been re validated and is present today as part of the corporate tools used in all countries where ADP exists.


This important government institution manages their office of projects (PMO) administering their complete portfolio of projects relating to the modernization of the sate using our PPM in a distributed manner, having defined a methodical standard that has been shared with all the other institutes and helps direct the advancements of their projects with our platform. There has also been a clear increase in their transparency thanks to their Public View which helps the visibility for the populous with respects to the execution of their modernization projects.


This subsidiary group of companies of Copec S.A., has had a mission to deliver liquid gas throughout all of Chile. Currently Abastible has operations over the whole pacific coast of South America threw their companies Abastible in Chile, Inversiones of the North East of Colombia, Solgas in Peru and Duragas in Ecuador. They manage their companies of their diverse managers, allowing for traceability through their portfolios, consolidation where they group what.


This prestigious multinational bank has chosen our platform of management and control for their projects to consolidate and manage the administration, architecture, and civil works of their innovating sectors of branch offices though out Chile.

banco estado

The state bank of Chile manages a very important portfolio of projects and contracts of a consolidated manner and for more than one management, maintaining an up to date visibility of the advancements in all the relevant aspects of their toils, additionally they are able to categorize for each of their 300 branch offices throughout the country.