This international banking entity has manged its emblematic projects with our platform of managment, an example of our new concept of branch offices called “Work Cafe” where from the inception of the idea the architecture to the physical manifestation have been kept organized by our centralized management system.


The bank of all Chileans has trusted in ProactiveOffice for the management of their infrastructure projects and maintenance. With over 200 different sites over the whole country, It was a challenge to allow for them to be able to control all their activities in parallel with their day to day management.


This company Works mainly in the support of the banking world and has generally managed their entire work and projects towards the area of information coordinated with the income of advancements in-between all of their providers and giving them visibility and facilitating the management of indicators for their managers.

BANCO de chile

The Bank of Chile has allowed ProactiveOffice to manage a wide diversity of projects, commercial initiatives, and articulated diffusion for the team that manages the marketing which are organized in a PMO fashion are able to optimize their work through coordination and collaboration.


This important group dealing primarily in the financial sector has managed their projects with the help of out software, helping their visibility and control.