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A suite of solutions are available in an independent or integrated manner to manage the Life cycles of your corporative effort


Organize your work packets, grouping them in categorized portfolios, in the structure that best represents your organization; for example: business units, strategic objectives, managements, and other areas. Additionally, it dynamically includes in each portfolio columns with KPI’s, traffic lights, or other information responsively of the perspective of the people interested, proportioned in this manner, visibility consolidated for the optimal and informed take of decisions with real data which in consolidated in its origin.


Manage and administer, promoting the accomplishment of deadlines, budget, and quality, using a pleasant interface that allows your team and your contractors to update their advancements, leavings, checklists, etc, to be able to provide real and timely information.

Document Management

You can manage the documents generated throughout the projects and contracts, permitting version control, permission assignment, temporary blockades, and it facilitates the collaboration in-between participants, leaving objective evidence that can be given, supported with traceability to prevent Claims and reassuring the intellectual capital of the organization.


Keep full clarity of the state of the finances during the life cycle, administrating your proposed execution and link the physical advancement in a natural manner with the state of your pay, inputting and importing the real costs throughout the advancements of the projects, permitting the active monitoring of the performance of each one in a consolidated manner.


ProactiveOffice utilizes good practices and PMI, specifically PMBOK, methodologies as its primary driving methodology, permitting an adaptable platform to also allow for the other methodologies that exist such as LEAN Construction, PRINCE2, AGILE, CMMI, SIX SIGMA, SCRUM, ITIL, RUP, amongst others, including the methodology of your own organization.

Mobile Applications

Our system of Project and Contract organization use mobile applications native to IOS devices, capable of working online as well as offline, being able to sync up with central servers where neseccary to be able to save your processes, images, advancements, endowments, physical resources, quality fors, checklists, documents, WBS, CBS, KPI’s, Control change, etc.


Collaborate and generate communications, debates, and messages in a centralized manner, separating each project or different contract into their own interested parties (group members, clients or sponsors) within the system, allowing for interaction and structured collaboration in between all the actors.


Manage the risk of the project using the major participants of the PMI or of the ISO31000. Define the probability of them occurring, and the impact, mitigation strategies, plan of action, and person responsible for each risk. Monitor how your risks evolve during the whole life cycle.


Manage the stock of the capacity of your human resources and endowments through daily planification and registration of chores to continue with useful information that permits the best planning of those in charge of the work, completions and availability of your professionals.


If your organization requires the registration of everyone’s time worked in specific projects, contracts, or tasks, you will be able to occupy this function to be able to measure each persons efficiency, seeing the difference between estimated and real hours worked.



ProactiveOffice is cable to function like a middleware capable of consolidating operational and economic data since it possess the functionality to receive both plans and scheduals directly from other planning software; such as MSProject, Primavera P6 from Oracle, ProjectLibre, Merlin, like PEP´s or structures of cost from different ERP´s; such as SAP, Ellipse, PRISM, Softland, Manager or Excel.


Create your own indicators for your projects and contracts and include them into your portfolios and reports. These indicators can be manual and inserted via the web or mobile devices, or they can be dynamic ones, automatically generated from the centralized data of the system.